Light Steel Structure

Light steel structure
Light steel structure light steel building system based on hot-rolled H steel, lightweight, light welding steel, high-frequency welding steel, cold-formed steel, steel sheets and thin-walled steel high-performance structural steel and efficient functional materials basedsupplemented to all kinds of efficient decorative connecting material assembled to meet the light fully assembled steel building construction specific functions and needs of a particular space.
Light steel structure installation
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The advantages of light steel
The performance is good, the deformation ability. The weight of buildings is only one-fifth of the brick structure, resistant to 70 meters per second hurricane, life and property can be effectively protected.
Durability: light steel structure residential structure used in all cold-formed steel members system, the super corrosion of high strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet steel manufacturing, effectively avoid the impact of corrosion of steel in the construction and use of light steel member life. Structural life of up to 100 years.
Insulation: the insulation material to glass fiber cotton, with good thermal insulation effect.For external wall insulation board, effectively avoid the phenomenon of "cold bridges" on the wall, to achieve a better insulation effect. About 100mm thick cotton insulation thermal resistance R15 equivalent to 1m thick brick wall.
Sound insulation: sound effects is an important indicator in the assessment of residential, light steel system installed windows are made of hollow glass, sound insulation, sound insulation of 40 dB or more; light steel keel, insulation materials gypsum board walls, soundproofed The effect can be up to 60 dB.
Health: dry-construction, to reduce the waste on the environment caused by pollution, steel structure housing material can be 100% recycled, and other supporting materials can also be most of the recovery, in line with current environmental awareness; All materials for green building materials to meet the requirements of the ecological environment, conducive to health.
Comfort: light steel wall using energy-efficient system, respiratory function, you can adjust indoor air humidity; roof with a ventilation function, can make the house over the internal formation of the flow of air, to ensure roof internal ventilation and cooling needs.
Fast: all dry-construction, without environmental seasonal effects. A 300 square meters of construction, only five workers 30 working days to complete the whole process from the foundation to decoration.
Environmental protection: Material can be 100% recycled, truly pollution-free green.
Energy: All energy efficient wall insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, up to 50% energy efficiency standards.